DMPQ Premium- Comment briefly on following education schemes: (a) Girls Education Rathyatra (b) Vidyadeep Scheme (c) School Health Checkup Programme

Girls Education Rathyatra  Gujarat state holds 15th place in the country for literacy rate, and 21st place for female literacy in 2001. Hence the state Government has introduced girl’s education Rathyatra with an intention of putting the state amongst the first few in the literacy rate and to improve the female literacy rate in villages … Read more

DMPQ Premium- Over a period of time, Gujarat has also succeeded in widening its industrial production base. Comment.

. At the time of inception in 1960, the industrial development was confined only to four major cities namely Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat and Rajkot and some isolated locations such as Mithapur and Valsad. Today, almost all the districts of the state have witnessed industrial development in varying degree. Such a massive scale of industrial development … Read more