DMPQ Premium- Point out the historical evolution of Gujarati literature during medieval period.

The early Literary journey began in Gujarat way back during 11th Century when Trade and commerce influenced Hinduism and Jainism. Before Gujarati emerged in its own linguistic identity, the works were notably in Sanskrit and Prakrit Languages. Literature with Hemachandracharya’s Grammar Book, Siddha Hema Shabdanushasan, came into existense during 1088-1072. Literature tradition in Gujarat is … Read more

DMPQ Premium- Write a brief description about Maha Gujrat andolan.

The Mahagujarat conference was held in 1948 to include all Gujarati speaking people under one administration which finally resulted in formation of Gujarat. According to the autobiography of Indulal Yagnik, Bombay state chief minister B. G. Kher and the then home minister Morarji Desai visited Dang in May, 1949. B. G. Kher stated that tribal … Read more

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