DMPQ Premium- Throw light on challenges of food security in Gujarat state.

Before the implementation of schemes providing food grains at subsidized prices, Gujarat shows high levels of food insecurity in the state. Especially in the rural areas, food insecurity was at high levels.  According to International Food Policy Research Institute reports, Gujarat has food insecurity levels from 0.621-0.776, making it a highly food insecure state.

The aim of the consultation was to suggest strategies to improve the nutrition level of women and children in Gujarat. According to NGO Centre for Health Education, Training and Nutrition Awareness (CHETNA) , despite economic development and progress in several key health and mortality indicators, the food insecurity levels range from 0.218 to 0.89 in the country.

Gujarat shows very poor records in the food security. And the state government is also keen on working to solve this problem, and they decided to have the consultation with grass root-level organisations, experts and government officials to overcome the problems of food insecurity. It was important that all the government departments and organisations brainstormed together.

Gujarat is on the vibrant path of growth and development. Gujarat has provided free medical aid to the poor, despite that Gujarat was very poor in terms of food security. Gujarat has an under-nutrition rate of 47% despite the economic growth in the state.

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