DMPQ Premium- Point out the historical evolution of Gujarati literature during medieval period.

The early Literary journey began in Gujarat way back during 11th Century when Trade and commerce influenced Hinduism and Jainism. Before Gujarati emerged in its own linguistic identity, the works were notably in Sanskrit and Prakrit Languages. Literature with Hemachandracharya’s Grammar Book, Siddha Hema Shabdanushasan, came into existense during 1088-1072.

Literature tradition in Gujarat is largely linked to the Bhakti Movement and as it swept across most of India during 12th and 17th Century, it began with the Poet Narsinh Mehta (1414-1481) Narsinh Mehta began the rise of Gujarati Literature and is referred as ‘Father of Literature.’ He spent his life practicing and advocating selfless human compassion while facing immense opposition from his community during 1408-80. About the 12th Century, even the teachings of Acharyas, Ramanujcharya and Madhavcharya-the great refuters of Shankarachayra’s philosophy, penetrated into Gujarat and influenced people.

1342-1800 was the period when many Jain Literaturetes influenced Gujarat with their writings which still remained hidden or possessed by individuals. During this period, Mirabai, the foremost woman poet, dedicated her life to the worship of Krishna and alongwith, a number of other saints-poets who wrote in praise of god, became composers and musicians.   In the period 1298-1420, when the Mohemeddan conquered Cambay, Anhilwad, Somnath, Junagadh, Idar and laid the foundation of Ahmedabad in 1412 A.D, the languages most in use were Sanskrit and Prakrit with Literature as entirely religious.

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