DMPQ-Discuss the contribution of Dada Bhai Naroji in Indian National Movement.

Naoroji was a prominent figure and play a significant role in Indian national movement. He was the first Asian to be member of British Parliament.  His work find mention across all fields i.e. social, political, economic etc . For his contribution he is regarded as the Grand Old man of India.

  1. In 1866 he founded in London the east India association for propagating the cause of India.
  2. He was one of the founder of Indian National Congress.
  3. His unearthing of economic exploitation and penning down in the book is the most important contribution. He presented drain of wealth theory which belied the benign rule of Britishers and exposed the real face of Britishers.
  4. He proposed Indianisation of the bureaucracy, separation of powers of the executive and judiciary and greater representation of Indians in the House of Commons
  5. By the beginning of the twentieth century, Naoroji was openly calling for selfgovernment which according to him was the only option to stop the drain of wealth through the creation of a civil service dominated by Indians.

He thrice served as the President of Indian National Congress (1886, 1893 and 1906) besides representing India at International Congress of Social Democrats at Amsterdam in 1905. He permanently returned to India from Britain in 1908 at the ripe age of 83. ‘Grand Old Man of India’ passed away in Bombay on June 30, 1917 leaving a weighty bequest of experience and achievements behind.



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