DMPQ: Enumerate the characteristics of 1857 revolt.

( Incorporate introduction in your own words)

  • It was spread to various sections of India. Undoubtedly revolt began as sepoy mutiny, but it was not confined to army only. All those sections of Indian population whose interest had suffered under British rule had taken part in the revolt. In avadh and Bihar, the masses had taken arm to challenge the BR.


  • Leaders of political group didn’t have common political prespective. They had no vison regarding aftermath revolt. They wanted to restore the status quo prior to british rule.


  • Leadership was fragmented and lack of unity was seen in showcasing a united front.


  • It could not be called a pan India movement as it didn’t spread to south India. Even in North India, middle class of Northen India didn’t revolt. Revolt was not national in full modern sense as they were not guided by common feeling which could bind them together.


Revolt was more than  sepoy mutiny and less than national revolt.


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