DMPQ: Revolt of 1857 was a major landmark in National freedom struggle. What changes it brought to the governance system?

Revolt of 1857 was the  outburst of anger by the Indians against the exploitative policies of the Britishers. Even though  Britishers manage to supress the revolt. It made them to look into administration and way of governance. As a result they brought “ Act for betterment of India” . This act replace the rule of company with the crown. Other salient features are as follows:

It abolished Court of directors and Board of director and  commissioned a post of secretary of state who would be member of British cabinet. It was to be advised by council of 15 members, this is known as India council.

The Governor general received the new designation called the Viceroy. He was to be advised by council of 4 members. The viceroy retained overriding power.

The act put an end to the further annexation and conquest. Thus the princess, Zamidar remain the favourite children of British imperialism from now on.

To prevent any further revolt there were changes made in the Army composition. English to Indian ratio was kept at 1:2 in the Bengal army and 2:5 in Madras and Bombay armies. Strict European monopoly over key geographical locations and departments such as artillery, tanks and armed corps. The brought caste identity in recruitment.

Hence Crown took over the control of the British empire and administration in India was made directly responsible to British crown. There was no betterment for Indians in the act.


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