DMPQ: Social reform movements played their role in making of modern India. Discuss the features of Social reform movement.

The era of advent of EIC coincided with the era of Modernisation.  This modern period brought some changes in our social, religious milieu. The movements tried to brought modern elements and tried to give new shape to our social structure. The features of social reform movement are as follows:

  • These movements were characterised by rationalism and humanism, They criticised superstitions and conservatism deep rooted in the field of religion. There was great emphasis on individual right. Humanity was the centre of the movement.
  • All the reform movements gave highest importance to education. Illiteracy in general and among women in particular were regarded as root cause of backwardness of society.( incorporate example)
  • These reform movements didn’t advocate for radical transformation of society or complete structural transformation . They only wanted to reform certain social evils.( incorporate example)
  • The ideas and concepts of movement had narrow social base despite their best efforts their message didn’t reach among entire people. It remain confined to the urban educated middle class. The vast majority of illiterate masses remain untouched by their ideas.
  • Some revivalist movement lead to infusion of communal traits. Like praising Ancient India by neglecting the achievements of Middle history. This biased glorification gave a sense of false pride.


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