DMPQ-. Trace the landmark incidents which led to the rise of Napolean Bonaparte.

Napoleon completed his schooling in the mainland of France later joined the military academy.  He was bullied as a child by his peers and hence spent a lot of time alone with books. This made him well acquainted with history and geography.

Napoleon fought in the French revolutionary wars and against other European monarchies since 1792.

Treaty of Campo Formio, 1797: Napoleon led the French army to victory over the better equipped and larger armies of Austria. The Treaty of Campo Formio signed between France and Austria led to territorial gains for France.

Battle of Nile (1798): He led a French expedition to conquer Egypt which was a British Protectorate then. Even though the French won the first battle of pyramids, they were wiped out in the next Battle of Nile.

He also led another failed expedition to invade Syria in 1798 which was a part of the Ottoman Empire.

The coup of 18 Brumaire, 1799: The Directory, a five-member group that governed France since the Reign of Terror ended in 1795. With the political situation deteriorating, Napoleon became a part of the coup that overthrew the directory.

Battle of Marengo, 1800: Napoleon led the French to a sounding victory against the Austrians. This victory made Napoleon the first consul of the three-member group called the consulate that rules France.

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