DMPQ-Write an essay on Administrative Reforms by Napolean Bonaparte.

After His appointment as First Consul, Napoleon Bonaparte, tried to keep all power in his own hands.  As for example, he had the power of making peace and war, appoint all the States Officials, had the power to control the Army, had the right to propose any laws through Council of State.

Under such circumstances, the Constitution, which was promulgated gave immense power to Bonaparte than most of the Monarchs in Europe at that time.

After the revolution, napoleon Bonaparte brought some important changes in French’s Administration which is known as Napoleonic reforms from 1799 onwards. Napoleon had defeated his rival in the continent and England was no more a threat for France.

Napoleon wanted to bring social and economic liberty, but he did not believe in political liberty, means he created platform for development where he gave equal justice, rights, and chances for advancement, but kept all political power into his own hand.

Napoleon introduced a centralized administrative structure, where all powers were vested in his own hands.

He brought the Law Courts completely under his control by legislation.  Elective Bodies of the Districts and small districts were abolished as part of the revision of Local Government and the Consulate of the Country.

In their place, the Prefects and Sub-Prefects were to be appointed by the first Consul.  On the other hand, the First Consul was the right to choose the mayors of Town with a population of 5000.  The Local Government and Central Government were centralized in Paris.


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