What is the difference between classical and folk dance forms ?


S.No. Classical Folk
1. It is a highly evolved form of dance It is at early stage of evolution.
2. Classical dance has its genesis in Natya shastra of bharat muni. No such relationship with Natyashastra
3. Has well defined steps, gestures known as karanas and angahara. No such well defined steps, gestures etc.
4. The level of standardisation is very high in classical dance. There are institutions to maintain the standards. No such standard in folk form
5. These are associates with temples or courts Developed by local people in the context of fairs, festivals and season
6. They enjoyed recognition by sangeet natak academy. No such recognition


7. Eg. Bharatnatyam, kuchipudi, kathakhali, Mohiniattam,odissi,sattriya, Manipuri, kathak Eg. Tera tali, gavari, mand etc.



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