DMPQ : What do you understand by the term Minimum wage? What are the issues attached with minimum wages?

Minimum wages is the minimum wage to be given to workers as per rule and law. The non payment or below payment of wages attract Penalty and sanctions. As per the International Labour Organisation India wage report one in every three wage workers in India is not protected by the minimum wage act.

As per economic survey, there are various inadequacies attached with Minimum wages act:

  1. There is complex system and minimum wages are covered by different acts and different rules across various job categories.
  2. There is lack of uniform criteria for fixing minimum wages.
  3. There is gender bias in terms of payment. Absence of Parity when it comes to providing minimum wage.
  4. Some states have minimum wages even below the non-statutory National Floor Level Minimum Wage (NFLMW) of Rs 176 per day.
GPSC નોંધો GPSC પ્રિલિમ્સ અને GPSC મુખ્ય પરીક્ષાની તૈયારી માટે પ્રિલિમ્સ અને મેન્સ પ્રોગ્રામ્સ લાવે છે. GPSC નોંધો દ્વારા શરૂ કરાયેલા વિવિધ કાર્યક્રમો નીચે મુજબ છે:- કોઈપણ શંકા માટે, ફક્ત અમને ચેટ કરો અથવા અમને એક ક્વેરી ભરો--
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