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Gujarat: Uranium from seawater possible, says CSMCRI scientist

Globally, nuclear energy is considered as the future of clean energy. However, since the primary source of nuclear energy — Uranium — is finite, scientists across the world are working on efficient ways of extracting the heavy metal from secondary sources.
In a breakthrough development, a scientist from Bhavnagar-based CSMCRI (Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute) Shilpi Kushwaha has developed a method to extract Uranium from secondary sources such as seawater and acidic effluents using crystalline thin films and polymer nanorings.

Khuswaha was conferred with the Young Scientist Award (YSA) for innovative research by the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) during a function held in New Delhi on Sunday. She was awarded by the Vice President M Venkaiha Naidu, under the category of Earth, Atmosphere, Ocean and Planetary Sciences.

According to Kushwaha, India needs a sustainable option for clean energy to follow the Paris agreement on climate change. “The demand for energy is increasing day by day. It’s expected that in the near future the demand for nuclear energy will increase worldwide as it is carbon neutral. However, the Uranium reserves are limited and it is estimated that it would be exhausted in over 100 years,” she said.

Here the recovery of Uranium from secondary sources such as contaminated groundwater, mining effluents and seawater comes into picture.

“Uranium extraction from seawater (UES) is amongst the seven chemical separations processes where progress would lead to global gains. UES provides additional benefits to the energy security of any country. It is independent of terrestrial Uranium ore which reduces the concerns of environmental damage from land-based mining,” Khuswaha told TOI. She added that the heavy metal extracted from seawater is at par with the similar experiments done globally.

Elaborating further, the scientist said that secondary sources of Uranium include spillages from mines, effluents of nuclear power plants or fly ash dumps that go into water sources after mixing with rainwater and ultimately end up in the sea.




Fumio Kishida To Become Next Japan PM


Fumio Kishida is set to become the new Prime Minister of Japan after being elected as the ruling Liberal Democratic Party leader.


Kishida will succeed party leader PM Yoshihide Suga, who announced his decision to step down from the position.

Fumio Kishida is Japan’s former foreign minister, and he will be elected on October 4 as Japan’s next Prime Minister in the Parliament.

He beat Taro Kono, the popular vaccinations minister, n a runoff vote as the ruling party’s leader in a runoff vote.

Kishida has vowed to proclaim a new pandemic incentive and resolved to tackle income inequality and mark a departure from the neo-liberal economics that have ruled Japanese politics.


Sri Lanka bans import of organic fertilizers From China


Sri Lanka banned the import of organic fertilisers produced in China after state agriculture executives identified harmful bacteria for the second time.


♦ Sri Lanka imports 99,000 metric tonnes of organic fertiliser for  63 million dollars from China’s Qingdao Seawin Biotech Group Co Ltd.

♦ On September 17, agriculture experts in Sri Lanka found that China manufactured organic fertilisers that contained a microorganism identified as ‘Erwinia’.

♦ The Agriculture Ministry also confirmed this later, but the Minister alleged that the samples that came to Sri Lanka could have been tampered with.


International Translation Day Is Celebrated On 30 September


International Translation Day is Commemorated on 30 September to celebrate the work of language translation professionals.


♦ The International Federation of Translators (FIT) has organised the day in 1953. The International Translation Day 2021 theme is “United in translation”.

♦  Language translation professionals facilitate dialogue, understanding, and cooperation, contributing to world peace and security development and strengthening.

♦ The first official celebration of International Translation Day was held in 1991, which also marks the feast of St. Jerome, the Bible translator who is considered the patron saint of translators.

♦ International Federation of Translators President is Kevin Quirk.

♦ International Federation of Translators Secretary-General is Real Paquette.


World Maritime Day Is Celebrated on 30 September



World Maritime Day is commemorated on 30 September to appreciate the importance of the maritime industry and note the importance of maritime security, maritime safety, maritime environment, and shipping.


♦ World Maritime Day is celebrated on the Last Thursday of September to appreciate the importance of maritime industry and note the importance of maritime security, maritime safety, maritime environment, and shipping.

♦ World Maritime day also marks the day of adaptation of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) convention.

♦ In India, International Maritime Day is observed by organising an awards ceremony every year. It is organised to recognise the contribution made by the Indian Maritime industry members in the past 12 months.




PM Inaugurates CIEPT In Jaipur And Lay The Foundation Stone For Four Medical Colleges In Rajasthan


PM Narendra Modi will inaugurate CIPET: Institute of Petrochemicals Technology, Jaipur, and lay the foundation stone of four new medical colleges in Rajasthan on 30 September via video-conferencing.


♦ Mr Modi will lay the foundation stone of four new medical colleges in Rajasthan, Banswara, Sirohi, Hanumangarh & Dausa districts.

♦ These Medical Colleges have been authorised under the “Establishment of new medical colleges attached with district/referral hospitals” scheme.

♦ Under three phases of the Scheme, 157 new medical colleges have been approved across the nation.

♦ Rajasthan and the Government of India have established CIPET: Institute of Petrochemicals Technology, Jaipur.

♦ It is self-sustainable and dedicatedly serves the needs of the petrochemical and allied industries.



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