DMPQ: Child marriage is rampant in India. Explain the factors responsible for this practice.

Child marriage is a social evil . Whopping 78.5 lakhs were married while they were not yet 10 years of age. The legal age for women marriage is 18. But 30% of the women are getting married before this age. The stats clearly suggest that child marriage is rampant in India.

Factors responsible for child marriage are:

  • Culture baggage: It is customary practice in some sections of Indian society. SO getting rid of customs is a difficult task.( eg Rajasthan akha teej)
  • Girl child is seen as financial burden on the family. So family wants to get rid of the burden.
  • Illiteracy: Illiteracy is one of the major reason. Women are not aware of their potential. They are not allowed to get education. Low level of education level is also one of the reason.
  • Patriarchal mindset: Gender inequality that believes that girls are inferior to boys or men. The prevalent dowry practice is another reason that forces the parent to marry their girl child at an early age.
  • Poor implementation of law: The law is there but its implementation is a problem. Poor implementation fail to create a strong deterrence. There is a lack of will power from bureaucracy , civil societies to implement It


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