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Entire Gujarat will be covered under Nal Se Jal scheme by 2022: CM Vijay Rupani

All households in Gujarat will get tap water connections under the Centre’s ‘Nal Se Jal Yojana’ by the year 2022, ahead of the year 2024 target set by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, chief minister Vijay Rupani told the Legislative Assembly.

Rupani said 17 lakh households in the state are yet to be covered under the ambitious scheme aimed at providing drinking water through taps.

The CM said the state government had allocated Rs 4,000 crore for the ‘Nal Se Jal’ project.
He said 82 per cent of the total work on the project has already been completed.
India-Uzbekistan Military Exercise-Exercise DUSTLIK II

The India-Uzbekistan joint military exercise “DUSTLIK II” began in Ranikhet (Uttarakhand). About Ex DUSTLIK:
This is the second edition of the annual bilateral joint exercise between the two militaries. The first edition was held in Uzbekistan in 2019.
Under the authorization of the United Nations, the two contingents will share their expertise and skills in the field of counter-terrorism operations in mountain/rural/urban scenarios. The exercise will finally be a 36-hour joint verification exercise.
This joint exercise will promote the ever-developing military and diplomatic relations between the two countries, and also reflects the two countries’ firm determination to counter terrorism.
Cooperation in Earth Observation ISRO And Japan

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) & the Japan Aeronautics and Space Administration (JAXA) reviewed cooperation in Earth observation, lunar cooperation and satellite navigation. Highlights:
The space agencies of the two countries also agreed to explore cooperation opportunities in the “Space Situation Awareness and Professional Exchange Program.” These institutions signed the “Implementation Arrangement” to use satellite data to cooperate in the monitoring of rice crop area and air quality.
India and Japan are already conducting a joint Lunar Polar Exploration (LUPEX) mission.
LUPEX’s goal is to send the lander and rover to the South Pole of the Moon around 2024.
Italy and India have decided to explore opportunities in Earth observation, space science, and robotic and human exploration.
Few Achievements Through International Cooperation:
Chandrayaan-1: ISRO’s lunar mission “Chandrayaan-1” is a model of international cooperation for its international payloads. It has also won several national and international laurels, and played a role in ISRO-NASA’s joint discovery of water molecules on the moon’s surface, which was not possible before any such mission.
Megha-Tropiques: The Indian-French joint satellite mission named MEGHA-TROPIQUES was launched in 2011 to study tropical atmosphere and climate related to monsoons and cyclones.
Saral: The India-France joint mission called SARAL (satellites of ALTIKA and ARGOS) is used to study the ocean from space using space altimeters. The mission was successfully launched in 2013.
NISAR: ISRO and NASA are implementing a joint satellite mission called NISAR (NASA ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar) for earth science research. The mission will observe the Earth and measure its changing ecosystems and quality on a global scale.

Award for Indian Council of Agricultural Research

ICAR has won the 2020 King Bhumibol World Soil Day Award issued by FAO. Highlights:

In view of the fact that FAO announced international recognition on the eve of World Soil Day last year, that is, on the occasion of World Soil Day 2020, this is because ICAR used the theme of “Soil Health Awareness” to “stop soil erosion and save our future” Made an outstanding contribution.

Celebrate World Soil Day on December 5th every year.

India won the Awareness Initiative Award launched by ICAR in December 2019, which attracted more than 13,000 participants through social media events.

Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) System-DRDO
Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has achieved an important milestone in the development of an Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) system by verifying a land-based prototype in March 2021. Highlights:

AIP has a multiplier effect on the lethality of diesel electric submarines, because it can increase the underwater durability of the ship several times. Compared with other technologies, fuel cell-based AIP has advantages in performance.

Although different types of AIP systems are being adopted internationally, the fuel cell-based NMRL AIP (DRDO Naval Materials Research Laboratory) is unique because hydrogen is produced on board.
The technology has been successfully developed and is now mature and can be installed in the target vessel.

Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav- India

The Prime Minister will unveil events related to ” Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav ” in March 2021. About Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav:
Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav is a series of events organized by the Indian government to commemorate the 75th anniversary of India’s independence.

Mahotsav will be celebrated as Jan-Utsav in the spirit of Jan-Bhagidari, according to the government.
A National Implementation Committee headed by the Home Minister has been formed to formulate policies and plans for various activities to be carried out during the commemoration.
The 75th anniversary of India’s independence is August 15, 2022.

Shramik Kalyan Portal by Indian Railways

Indian Railways uses the Shramik Kalyan Portal electronic application to ensure that 100% of the minimum wage paid to contract workers is in compliance with the regulations. About Shramik Kalyan Portal:

The Shramik Kalyan electronic application of the National Transportation Corporation was launched in October 2018 to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Minimum Wages Act.

In addition, it has also ensured that contract workers working for Indian Railways are given the due treatment by forcing them to upload wage payment data to electronic applications on a regular basis.

This helps the railway department to be vigilant about the wages paid by contractors to contract workers.

This electronic application is also used by all PSUs under the Ministry of Railways.

In order to ensure that the wages paid by the contractor meet the minimum wage standards set by the government, the portal will check from time to time.

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