20-21.12.20 Daily GPSC Gujarat Current Affairs


Gujarat goats go global with its milk


For nearly two decades, Bhoja Saniya, a sixth generation ‘maldhari’ was selling his goats’ milk either to small time tea vendors or as ‘mawa’ and ghee to unbranded local dairies. This loose trade would earn Saniya, who owns 100 goats and 200 sheep, a paltry Rs 15 per litre of milk. But was in the past.

Now, the tribal maldhari herdsman is getting his money’s worth after organised players have started buying his goats’ milk for Rs 35 a litre to produce frozen goat milk, goat milk powder and even goat milk soaps to be sold in both national and international markets.


Gujarat is also home to Kahami goat, a two-coloured breed of Saurashtra, which got national recognition as it was registered by the National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR) – the nodal agency for registration of newly identified germplasm of livestock and poultry of the country in 2018.


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