Utilization of public fund

Utilization of public fund Intergovernmental transfers from the centre to the states takes place through three channels: statutory and other transfers mandated by the Finance Commission, formula-based transfers for State Plan Schemes through the Planning Commission, and other discretionary transfers … Read more

28.11.17 (GPSC) Gujrat Current Affairs

GUJARAT   Gujarat farmers getting highest rates for milk   Farmers in poll-bound Gujarat are getting among the country’s highest rates for milk sold to cooperatives at a time when prices usually take a seasonal dip, cheering over 3.6 million farmers and … Read more

29-30.10.17 Gujarat (GPSC) Current Affairs

GUJARAT   GSTR-3B late fee waiver welcomed in south Gujarat   Commercial tax consultants across south Gujarat have welcomed the decision of central government to waive late fee on the filing of GSTR-3B for August and September, but warned that … Read more