Utilization of public fund

Utilization of public fund Intergovernmental transfers from the centre to the states takes place through three channels: statutory and other transfers mandated by the Finance Commission, formula-based transfers for State Plan Schemes through the Planning Commission, and other discretionary transfers … Read more

Code of ethics

Code of ethics Ethics codes are as old as antiquity. Religious traditions and civic cultures have codes as their foundations. The Mosaic Decalogue (Ten Commandments) is the keystone for Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Pericles made the Athenian code the underpinning … Read more

Objectivity: Meaning as a Philosophical concept

Objectivity: Meaning as a Philosophical concept   Objectivity, as a method of philosophy, is dependent upon the presupposition distinguishing references in the field of epistemology regarding the ontological status of a possible objective reality, and the state of being objective … Read more

Gujarat – Transportation Network

Gujarat – Transportation Network     Gujarat is a haven of a mammoth transportation network encompassing national highways, state highways, district highways, district roads and rural roads (sugarcane roads and Panchayat roads). The State consists of more than 300 state … Read more

Horticulture sector of Gujarat

Horticulture sector of Gujarat     The term “horticulture” comprises the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, ornamental flowers, medicinal and aromatic plants and their post-harvest management. Gujarat has a total geographical area of 19.6 M ha of which about 9.7 … Read more

Gujarat – Irrigation and Hydropower

Gujarat – Irrigation and Hydropower       Types of water resources of Gujarat State   (1)   Surface Water and (2) Underground Water The main source of water for Gujarat is surface water. The State has 185 river basins and the available … Read more

Gujarat: Animal Husbandry

Gujarat: Animal Husbandry     Animal Husbandry is known as largest occupation adopted in rural India after Agriculture. Animal husbandry plays a vital role in Gujarat’s rural economy, while contributing nearly 5% to the state GSDP. As per livestock census … Read more

Gujarat: Natural Hazards and Disaster Management

Gujarat: Natural Hazards and Disaster Management     The state of Gujarat has been facing the most overwhelming natural disasters in the last decade. These natural disasters have not just caused colossal destruction but have also paused a stop to … Read more

Political attitude

Political attitude Political Attitude means the beliefs and values which underpin the operation of a particular political system. These attitudes were seen as including knowledge and skills about the operation of the political system positive and negative judgments about the … Read more