Mains Test Series for GPSC


GPSC Mains Tests and Notes Program is a guidance program with 20 mock mains tests for GPSC Mains Exam and detailed topicwise notes for GPSC Mains Exam.
Notes Modules

  1. Crack GPSC  Mains Paper I Module A (History)
  2. Crack GPSC  Mains Paper I Module B(Geography)
  3. Crack GPSC  Mains Paper II Module A(Indian Constitution & Polity)
  4. Crack GPSC  Mains Paper II Module B(Public Administration & Governance)
  5. Crack GPSC  Mains Paper II Module C(Ethics)
  6. Crack GPSC  Mains Paper III Module A(Science and Technology)
  7. Crack GPSC  Mains Paper III Module B(Indian Economy and Planning)
Test 1General Studies 1Section 1
Test 2General Studies 1Section 2
Test 3General Studies 1Section 3
Test 4General Studies 2Section 1
Test 5General Studies 2Section 2
Test 6General Studies 2Section 3
Test 7General Studies 3Section 1
Test 8General Studies 3Section 2
Test 9General Studies 3Section 3
Test 10General Studies 4Section 1
Test 11General Studies 4Section 2 & 3
Test 12General English and Essay 
Test 13Complete GS-1COMPLETE
Test 14Complete GS-2COMPLETE
Test 15Complete GS-3COMPLETE
Test 16Complete GS-4COMPLETE
Test 17Complete GS-1COMPLETE
Test 18Complete GS-2COMPLETE
Test 19Complete GS-3COMPLETE
Test 20Complete GS-4COMPLETE


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