Gujarat – Minerals

Gujarat – Minerals       Gujarat is rich in mineral resources, especially in petroleum.  The major mineral resources of Gujarat are natural gas, limestone, manganese, baux­ite, china-clay fire-clay, calcite, dolomite, fluorspar, gypsum, bentonite, quartz, silica sand, and steatite. Good quality … Read more

Gujarat: Natural and Power resources

Gujarat: Natural and Power resources         In the year 1999, the state of Gujarat established the Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited (GUVNL) under the Companies Act, 1956. The GUVNL was created by the Gujarat Electricity Board (GEB) … Read more

Gujarat – Transportation Network

Gujarat – Transportation Network     Gujarat is a haven of a mammoth transportation network encompassing national highways, state highways, district highways, district roads and rural roads (sugarcane roads and Panchayat roads). The State consists of more than 300 state … Read more

Gujarat : Major cities and Tourist places

Gujarat : Major cities and Tourist places         Dwarka Living within the spirit of devout enlightenment, the city of Dwarka in Gujarat is the abode of Lord Krishna. Highly revered in Hindu mythology, the sacred city boasts … Read more

Gujarat: Scheduled tribes

Gujarat: Scheduled tribes     SC and ST Population : As per Census 2011, the population of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in the State was reported at 40.74 lakh (6.7 percent) and 89.17 lakh (14.8 percent) respectively compared to … Read more

Horticulture sector of Gujarat

Horticulture sector of Gujarat     The term “horticulture” comprises the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, ornamental flowers, medicinal and aromatic plants and their post-harvest management. Gujarat has a total geographical area of 19.6 M ha of which about 9.7 … Read more

Gujarat – Irrigation and Hydropower

Gujarat – Irrigation and Hydropower       Types of water resources of Gujarat State   (1)   Surface Water and (2) Underground Water The main source of water for Gujarat is surface water. The State has 185 river basins and the available … Read more