DMPQ Premium- Comment briefly on following education schemes: (a) Girls Education Rathyatra (b) Vidyadeep Scheme (c) School Health Checkup Programme

Girls Education Rathyatra 

Gujarat state holds 15th place in the country for literacy rate, and 21st place for female literacy in 2001. Hence the state Government has introduced girl’s education Rathyatra with an intention of putting the state amongst the first few in the literacy rate and to improve the female literacy rate in villages having less than 35% female literacy rate to achieve 100% enrolment of girls in std. 1st.

Vidyadeep Scheme 

Gujarat state suffered a devastating earthquake on 26th January 2001. This took a very large toll of both children and teachers. The state government has implemented the Vidyadeep scheme in memory of the children who were victims of the devastating earthquake. The aim and object of the State Government in introducing the scheme is to satisfy its social duty towards the parents and guardians in their distress due to accidental death of their school going children.

School Health Checkup Programme 

Gujarat State has achieved the pride of place in being the first in the country to introduce the special School Health Check up Programme. Medical officers conduct health check ups on all school going children. All the children are made aware of his/her health though health education.

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