DMPQ-Persian Invasion and its effects on India

Persian Invasion (550 BC)-


  • Contemporary to reign of Bimbisara, Persian attacked N-W front of India & Magadha continued to rise in N-E & Central-north in India
  • In N-W front of India, several small provinces like Kamboja, Gandhara & Madra did not have a political unity & continuously fought with each other
  • Archaemadian ruler of IranCyprus took advantage of this political disunity & invaded west front of India.
  • All Indian tribes west of Indus River submitted to him including Gandhar
  • Darius 1, Grandson of Cyprus conquered Indus valley as a whole & annexed Punjab & Sindh (N W India)
  • Xerxes, Successor of Darius, employed Indian infantry & cavalry in war against Greece but got defeated & hence could not move forward in India. However, control of Persians over India slackened only after Alexander’s invasion on India


Effects of Persian Invasion


  • Impetus to Indo Iranian commerce & trade, which finally became the ground for Alexander’s invasion
  • Use of Kharoshti script bought by Iranian gain popularity in N-W India & some inscription of Ashoka (250 BC) are written in this language (derived from Aramaic script, written from right to left)
  • Influence of Persian art in India, Particularly monolithic pillars , & sculptures found on them along with inscriptions



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