DMPQ- Vesara style of Architecture.

These style is also called as the Deccan style as most of the temples of this Temple architecture style are found in Deccan region.


  • It is a hybridized style formed by combining features of both Dravida and Nagara Style of Temple architecture.
  • This style had Spire shaped Shikhara inspired by Nagara style
  • The Mandapa is designed in Dravidian style which is a pillared hall
  • The Shikhara and Mandapa are joined by antarala
  • Pradakshina path – ambulatory path way around Sanctum Sanctorum (Garbhagriha) is not present.
  • The Pillars, ceiling and door frames are very intricately carved.

 Examples of Temples build in Vesara Style of Temple architecture:

  • Lad Khan temple at Aihole, Karnataka, built by the Kings of the Chalukya Dynasty
  • Virupaksha temple at Pattadakkal, built by Loka-Mahadevi, the Queen of the Chalukya king Vikramaditya II
  • Kailshnatha Temple at Ellora, built by Rahstrakuta rulers
  • Hoyasaleswara temple at Halebid, by the Hoyasala king Vishnuvardhan.


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