DMPQ: write down the recommendations of Bibek debroi committee?

Bibek debroi committee gave recommendations for transformation of Indian Railways. The committee gave its report in 2015. The major recommendations of committee are as follows:

  1. Transition in the process of making financial statement and books and accounts. It has to be in accordance with the international standards.
  2. Streamline in the recruitment and HR process. Services should be separated in technical and non technicalservices.
  3. Focus should be on core areas to efficiently compete with the private sector. Eg Railway school should be merged with kendriya Vidyalaya.
  4. Decentralisation to the level of DRM or station superident.
  5. The Committee proposes that all these existing production units should be placed under a government SPV known as the Indian Railway Manufacturing Company (IRMC).
  6. Private entry into running both freight and passenger trains in competition with Indian railways should be allowed and private participation in various Railway infrastructure services and non-core activities like production and construction, should be encouraged by the Ministry of Railways.
  7. Shift regulatory responsibility from the government to an independent regulator as the private sector will only come in if there is fair and open access to infrastructure
  8. The report recommends setting up a Railway Regulatory Authority of India (RRAI) statutorily, with an independent budget, so that it is truly independent of the Ministry of Railways.
  9. A separate rail budget shall be phased out.
  10. For raising resources for investments, an Investment Advisory Committee may be set up, consisting of experts, investment bankers and representatives of SEBI, RBI, IDFC and other institutions.



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