04.07.19 (GPSC) Gujarat Daily Current Affairs


  • Gujarat budget 2019-20: Highlights


  • Government proposes to raise electricity duty and stamp duty
    Rs 10 crore has been allocated for the development of infrastructural facilities at National Salt Satyagrah Memorial and Dandi March tourism circuit
  • Rs 6,820 crore has been allocated to provide power subsidy to farmers. Farmers currently get power at a concessional rate to reduce the cost of agriculture
  • Sum of Rs 510 crore has been allocated for the development of Ahmedabad–Gandhinagar Metro Phase-2 and Surat Metro Rail Project
  • Rs 1,248 crore has been allocated to provide house to all by the year 2022 under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, 4.80 lakh houses have been sanctioned under this scheme


  • Rs 500 crore has been allocated under Mukhya Mantri Sadak Yojana and Rs 1,426 crore for putting in place underground drainage and water supply system
    * Rs 4,894 crore has been allocated under Swarnim Jayanti Mukhya Mantri Saheri Vikas Yojana


  • Under National River Conservation Program, purification project of Tapi will be taken up with cooperation of Government of India, Gujarat govt and Surat Municipal Corporation at the cost of Rs 922 crore


  • Against the target of completing 2.04 lakh houses to provide house to all by 2022, construction of 1.85 lakh houses has been completed till date at the cost of Rs 2,105 crore, 1.07 lakh new houses will be built this year, for which Rs 1,208 crore has been allocated


  • Rs 511 crore has been allocated for lodging and boarding facility of 1.30 lakh tribal children of total 685 schools including 50 Model Residential Schools, 544 Ashram Shalas and 91 EMRS


  • Rs 80 crore has been allocated to provide free education, hostel and mess facilities to approximately 15,000 girls studying in 151 Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidhyalays across Gujarat


  • Rs 454 crore has been allocated for building 5,000 classrooms in primary schools, which will provide better education facilities to approximately 1.5 lakh students


  • Rs 61 crore has been allocated for providing assistance for purchasing various equipment’s by Village Milk Producers’ cooperatives and individual members and to provide subsidy to Milk Producers’ Cooperatives Federation of Saurashtra and Kutch


  • A new veterinary college at Himmatnagar under Kamdhenu University will be started. Initial provision of Rs 1 crore has been made for the same


  • All farmers who have applied for agriculture power connections till date, shall be provided agriculture connection. Thus, new power connections will be given to all the 1.25 lakh pending applicants, said Nitin Patel


  • Rs 123 crore has been allocated for new Shetrunjay division and Rs 112 crore for conservation and breeding of wildlife and to protect endangered species


  • Provision of Rs 500 crore has been made for deep sea pipeline that would be laid to dispose off treated effluents by thousands of industries in Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Jetpur in the deep sea. The pipeline will be set up under a PPP model to help reduce river pollution


  • Rs 6,595 crore has been allocated for Sardar Sarovar project


  • Rs 7,157 crore has been allocated for Sauni yojana and other water supply schemes


  • Rs 7,111 crore has been allocated for agriculture and farmers welfare department


  • The government announces Rs 1,000 crore for new Solar Rooftop Scheme, beneficiaries will be given 40 per cent subsidy upto 3KW and subsidy of 20 per cent for system of 3-10KW


  • For the first time, the state budget has crossed Rs 2 lakh crore, Rs 2,04,815 crore. We are all part of this historic occasion: Nitin Patel


  • Gujarat has increased its renewable energy capacity from 4,126MW in 2013 to 8,885MW presently. The state plans to increase the capacity to 30,000MW by 2022. Of this, 20,000MW will be for Gujarat while 10,000MW will be made available for other states


  • Government to spend Rs 20,000 crore over the next three years to ensure no household in Gujarat is left with a tap for drinking water. Rs 4,500 crore has been allocated for this year


  • The budget to have special emphasis on five sectors: Water management, environment, agriculture, farmers welfare and employment.




  • NASA’s PUNCH mission selected Indian Scientist Dipankar Banerjee as its co-investigator


  • Dipankar Banerjee A solar physicist from Indian Institute of Astrophysics selected by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) for its PUNCH mission.
  • He  is also the co-Chair of India’s Science Working Group India planning to send up its own satellite Aditya-Ll, A mission to study the Sun’s corona.
  • He will study the acceleration of the solar wind. He will focus on the polar regions of the Sun. The team will observe the Sun using joint observations from PUNCH and Indian mission Aditya.


  • PUNCH is an acronym for “Polarimeter to Unify the Corona and Heliosphere“, image the Sun.


  • The main objective of the mission is to understand the transition of particles from the Sun’s outer corona to solar wind that fills interplanetary space.


  • Corona is the atmosphere of the Sun connecting with the interplanetary medium.
    The mission is expected to be launched in 2022.


  • The missions for Sun’s atmosphere: NASA’s Parker Solar Probe and ESA-NASA joint project, Solar Orbiter.



  • Aparna Kumar becomes the first civil servant & IPS Officer to conquer the ‘Seven Summits’ challenge


  • Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Aparna Kumar became the first civil servant to scale Mount Denali


  • It is the highest peak in North America.She is the first civil servant and IPS officer to achieve this rare feat.


  • This was her 7th summit challenge.She became the first woman IPS DIG and Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) officer to successfully complete the South Pole expedition.


  • Asian Development Bank approved $350 Million Loan for Chhattisgarh Road Improvement Project


  • Asian Development Bank(ADB)approved $350 million in loans to rehabilitate and upgrade two state highways.
  • There are around 23 major district roads totaling about 850 kilometers in



  • They improve the connectivity and access to basic services in the state.
  • The overall total cost of the project is $521.69 million.
  • The state government of Chhattisgarh to provide $171.69 million.
  • Chhattisgarh is rich in natural resources.It is the largest producer of minerals like coal and iron ore.


  • Govt extends Kisan Credit Card facility to fisheries, animal husbandry sector


  • Government has extended the facility of Kisan Credit Card (KCC) to fisheries and animal husbandry farmers to help them meet their working capital needs.


  • The KCC facility will help fisheries and animal husbandry farmers to meet their short term credit requirements of rearing of animals, poultry birds and other aquatic organisms and capture of fish.


  • Under the Kisan Credit Card facility, for the existing KCC holders, the credit limit is three lakh rupees to meet their working capital requirements.


  • Under KCC, interest subvention is available for animal husbandry and fisheries farmers at the rate of two per cent per annum.


  • Odisha to host 21st Commonwealth Table Tennis Championship


  • Odisha Government is set to host the 21st Commonwealth Table Tennis Championship at the Jawaharlal Indoor Stadium in Cuttack from 17 to 22 July.


  • This championship will see participation from some of the best players from across the globe.


  • The tournament has received a good entry with 14 associations, consisting India, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, England, Scotland, Wales, Jersey, Australia, Cyprus, South Africa, Nigeria, Pakistan.


  • Uttar Pradesh State govt. has announced piped water for every rural home in the state within two years


  • The Uttar Pradesh State governmenthas announced piped water for every rural home in the state within two years. The Yogi Adityanath-led government has already begun its work on the piped water programme.
  • The State has planned to divide Jal Nigam’s work into urban and rural areas for better implementation. The works are carried out under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.





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